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From Idea to Result: Your Business's Digital Transformation Partner. Discover how our web design expertise can turn your vision into successful online ventures

I specialize in crafting minimalistic and stylish websites that offer complete functionality. My transition from the banking sector to design ensures that concepts like analysis, responsibility, and meeting deadlines hold significant weight in my approach.

Hello! My name is Yuliia. I'm a UX/UI Designer
The development of website demands joint effort, as your project's nuances are best understood by you. Within this collaborative framework, I will contribute fresh ideas throughout the process
Through the medium of your website, I will illuminate the strengths of your product or service, setting it apart from competitors and effectively addressing objectives.

From Concept to Creation: showcasing a spectrum of web design projects

Project objective: stylish and functional design. Ability to sign up for each coach
Bright, memorable online store for natural shoes
Landing page redesign for a nutritionist. The design should reflect the essence of nutrition
The online store of a shoe manufacturer is a virtual destination where wholesalers can explore a wide range of stylish and quality footwear
The art therapist website is a digital platform dedicated to promoting the healing and therapeutic benefits of art

Minimalist site with a focus on typography. The case when there are no beautiful photos
The purpose of the site is to reveal the full range of services and goods that they provide
Feel free to contact me and discuss the details. Consultation is free
I value your time and ensure rapid, attentive responses. While I work efficiently, I never sacrifice quality. Your project receives the attention it deserves, delivering both speed and excellence.
Committed to Deadlines
My approach extends beyond sales – I provide tailored project-based solutions. Every site element is meticulously planned and justified, contributing to a seamless user experience.
Clarity in Design
I dedicate substantial time to my own growth, staying abreast of the latest web design trends. Proficient in Figma and Photoshop, I seamlessly meld creativity with code, introducing modifications where needed
Staying Ahead of Trends:
Why Entrust Your Project to Me:
My focus: achieving results and exemplary quality. A website should transcend mere aesthetics, seamlessly integrating functionality. It serves a purpose – to inform, captivate, and drive sales.
I: I devise the website's structure, crafting a prototype using Figma. Text is refined, and photographic content is prepared, either from your collection or selected from stock photos.
Stages of Work
We communicate via a messenger or email of your choice to discuss essential aspects.
I: I analyze your target audience and competitors, curate references, and estimate the preliminary cost of your project.
Discovery and Planning:
I: I transpose the design from Figma into the Tilda platform.
Layout and Design:
I: The final version is meticulously developed, integrating necessary services and configuring SEO along with the domain.
I: I furnish you with a fully operational website, complete with passwords and source materials. A comprehensive video guide is provided to facilitate your navigation and management.
YOU: You provide essential information by filling out a brief, organizing text and images, and initiate payment for 50% of the service cost.
YOU: You review and validate the prototype, with opportunities to implement your adjustments.
YOU: You assess the overall style and are encouraged to suggest revisions for fine-tuning.
YOU: The remaining 50% of the payment is settled.
YOU: You take control by altering passwords, email settings, and comprehensively engaging with the finalized product. This structured approach ensures a seamless journey from conception to fruition, allowing your vision to be expertly transformed into a dynamic and functional website.
The Cost of Services
One-Page Website
Starts at $900
or dynamic landing. Perfect for portfolios, ticket sales, courses, and products.
Ready in 10+ days
Starts at $1,500
Seamless Online Store Setup
Catalog, payments, warehouse integration.
Ready in 14 days
Multipage Site
for comprehensive projects. Great for abundant content and multilingual needs.
Ready in 20 days
Starts at $1,200

Feel free to write, I will answer any questions. Could we discuss the project?

Feel free to write, I will answer any questions. Could we discuss the project?